[list_font_adv list_item_1=”To facilitate positive outcomes of high-risk infants, reduce co-morbidity related to NICU care, and lower costs of care” list_item_2=”To be recognized for clinical excellence and gain credibility amongst peers and medical staff” list_item_3=”To validate and standardize the field of neonatal therapy and support best practice to improve outcomes for infants and their families” list_item_4=”To promote the advancement and integrity of neonatal therapy as an interdisciplinary subspecialty that engages in evidence-based practice” list_item_5=”To provide a framework for neonatal therapists to achieve acknowledgement of level of experience and knowledge needed to practice effectively with high risk infants in the NICU” icon_1=”plus-circle” icon_2=”plus-circle” icon_3=”plus-circle” icon_4=”plus-circle” icon_5=”plus-circle” indent_1=”0″ indent_2=”0″ indent_3=”0″ indent_4=”0″ indent_5=”0″ animate=”none”]