Bobbi Pineda, PhD, OTR/L, CNT

NTNCB Co-Chair

Dr. Bobbi Pineda has been an occupational therapist in the NICU since 1992. Since 2007, she has been a research scientist at Washington University School of Medicine with an interest in developing, implementing and testing interventions that can optimize neurodevelopmental outcome in high risk newborn infants, specifically infants born prematurely. Dr. Pineda is certified as a trainer on the NICU Network Neurobehavioral Scale (NNNS). She is certified in the Neonatal Oral Motor Assessment Scale (NOMAS) and has advanced training in Prechtl’s General Movement Assessment. Dr. Pineda has developed a new neonatal feeding assessment, the Neonatal Eating Outcome (NEO) assessment. She has a patent on a new bottle technology that is under development. She speaks regularly at national conferences and educational platforms, has published multiple articles on neonatal therapy topics in pediatric and therapy journals, and mentors occupational therapy students who want to work in the NICU setting. Dr. Pineda feels privileged to serve on the NTNCB that oversees the process of ensuring that therapists working within the NICU receive advanced training and achieve a standard of knowledge to guide them in providing safe and developmentally appropriate therapeutic interventions in the NICU.


Assistant Professor
Washington University School of Medicine
Program in Occupational Therapy, Pediatrics
St. Louis, MO

Deanna Gibbs, PhD, MOT, GC Res Meth, BAppSc(OT), CNT

international representative

Dr. Deanna Gibbs has worked predominantly in acute pediatric settings, with a specific focus in neonatal intensive care since 1994. Dr. Gibbs has worked across a variety of acute pediatric and neonatal settings in Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom. In her role as a research consultant for Barts Health NHS Trust, Dr. Gibbs’ research program explores parent-infant co-occupations in neonatal intensive care and the facilitation of family-centered developmental care. Dr. Gibbs is a honorary senior research fellow at City, University of London, a trainer in the Newborn Behavioral Observations (NBO) for The Brazelton Centre of Great Britain and serves as the international representative for the NTNCB.


Research Consultant
Barts Health NHS Trust
London, UK

Johanna Siemon, MS, MPH, OTR/L, CNT, NTMTC

Johanna Siemon has been an occupational therapist since 2000 and has focused her practice on care of fragile infants since 2008. She is certified in the Neonatal Oral Motor Assessment Scale (NOMAS), Neonatal Touch and Massage (NTMTC) and holds a Graduate Certificate in Low Vision Therapy. Johanna has served on the simulation question development committee for the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy. Additionally, she has presented lectures on working with children who are ventilator-dependent, infants who have feeding and swallowing difficulties, and neonatal therapy.


Womack Army Medical Center
Fort Bragg, NC

Kati Knudsen, PT, MPT, CNT, PCS, DCS, CLE

NTNCB Co-Chair

Kati Knudsen has practiced as a pediatric physical therapist since 1996 and as a therapist in the NICU since 1999. Kati is lead therapist for two NICUs at sister hospitals in Portland, OR. She has provided extensive education in developmental care and has obtained certifications in pediatric physical therapy, lactation education, neurodevelopmental treatment, infant massage, developmental care and transportation of children with special needs in order to better support infants and families. She has spoken locally and nationally on support for infants in the NICU and participates in Vermont Oxford Network Quality Improvement work for care of micro-preemies. Kati also sees patients in NICU follow-up clinic where she has helped to redesign care to make it more accessible for families.


Lead Therapist, NICU and In-patient Pediatrics
Providence Children’s Development Institute
Providence St Vincent Medical Center & Providence Portland Medical Center
Portland, OR

Alicia Fernandez-Fernandez, PhD, PT, DPT, CNT, DCS

Dr. Alicia Fernandez-Fernandez has been a physical therapist since 1997, with clinical practice in both Spain and the US. She has been a per-diem therapist in the level II/level III NICU at South Miami Hospital since 2003. She is an associate professor in the physical therapy department at Nova Southeastern University, where she teaches several courses including pediatrics, and leads research projects in diverse areas including pediatric and neonatal development and physical therapy interventions. She is a NANN Developmental Care Specialist and a Certified Theratogs® Fitter. Dr. Fernandez-Fernandez is also a peer reviewer for multiple professional journals including “Pediatric Physical Therapy” and has served as an item writer for the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy. Dr. Fernandez-Fernandez has presented at national and international conferences, published in peer-reviewed journals, and has co-authored a book chapter on the pediatric hip. She also teaches continuing education events on neonatal therapy and other pediatric topics.


Associate Professor and Curriculum Committee Chair
Physical Therapy Department
Nova Southeastern University, FL
Physical Therapist, NICU
South Miami Hospital, FL


Dana Hobby has worked as an SLP in both outpatient and inpatient pediatric rehabilitation and in a level III NICU since 2003. She is actively involved in neurodevelopmental follow-up clinic. Her career has been focused on implementation of developmentally supportive and family centered care along with continual collaboration with and education for NICU staff. She is NOMAS trained and is a Certified Lactation Counselor through the Academy of Lactation Practice and Policy. She is a certified Neonatal Touch and Massage Therapist and has achieved designation as a Developmental Care Specialist through NANN. She has presented locally and previously worked with Powers Medical Devices as a clinical specialist for the Pacifier Activated Lullaby (PAL) system.

Previous Board Members

Kathryn (Kay) Thurston,


| 2014-2018 |
Inaugural Board Member
Erika Nevin Lee,


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Jennie L. Jacob,


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Mary Stanford,


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Jennifer Hofherr,


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Inaugural Board Member

Thank You

For Your Service to the NTNCB!

Margaret Miller, MS, OTR/L, C/NDT, CIMI, NTMTC, CNT


Margaret Miller has worked in a level III, now level IV, NICU since 1983. In addition to be a practicing clinician in the NICU and developmental follow-up, she has also been involved with program development and mentoring. She has certifications in NIDCAP, IBA, NNNS, NDT, SIPT, and infant massage. Margaret is adjunct faculty at Eastern Washington University and Spokane Falls Community College. Through her academic appointments, Margaret has conducted clinical research with graduate OT students. Additionally, Margaret has taught nationally and internationally on topics of early infant development. Margaret has published articles in American Journal of Occupational Therapy and Neonatal Network.


Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center
Spokane, WA

Lisa Kleinz, MA, SLP/L, CNT, CLC

Lisa Kleinz has been working in level III NICUs for over 20 years as a speech-language pathologist and a Developmental Care Specialist. She has also worked in outpatient feeding clinic and developmental follow-up clinic. Her career has been focused on providing individualized, developmentally supportive care to infants and families and working with staff to create change in the NICU. She is certified in NIDCAP, N-CAST, Brazelton, and as a Lactation Specialist and NANN-designated Developmental Specialist. She has presented locally and nationally and currently speaks with Education Resources. Lisa works with Dr. Brown’s Medical as a Clinical Specialist in the Mid-West region of the U.S.


Clinical Specialist/Account Manager
Dr. Brown’s Medical/Handicraft Company

Consuelo C. Kloosterman, PT, MPT, CNT, DCS, NTMTC, CKC

Consuelo Kloosterman is an experienced pediatric physical therapist with clinical expertise in the NICU for the past 25 years; dedicating her work in a level III NICU.
She completed her Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT)/Bobath Certification training in 1998. In 2016, she was awarded with Developmental Care Specialist designation from the National Association Neonatal Nurses (NANN) and is certified in the Neonatal Oral Motor Assessment Scale (NOMAS), Neonatal Touch and Massage (NTMTC), and as a Kangaroo Care Caregiver and Consultant (CKC). Consuelo has also received training in the Prechtl’s General Movement Assessment (GMA) as well as the Newborn Behavioral Observation (NBO).
Consuelo’s main area of interest is the promotion of parental attachment from the very early start of the family’s journey in the NICU, and she continuously presents lectures to staff members to improve developmental outcomes of fragile infants.
Consuelo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in physical therapy from the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina (UBA) and her Master’s Degree from Florida International University (FIU) Miami, Florida. She currently resides in Boca Raton, Florida with her husband and three children.