Neonatal Therapy National Certification Applicant Portal

To begin the application process for certification, please complete the form below including the payment section to submit your application fee.

Fees associated with becoming a Certified Neonatal Therapist include a $200 application fee and a $400 examination fee.  On this page, you will pay the $200 application fee in order to start the application process.  Upon notification of your eligibility for certification, you will pay the examination fee of $400.

If you are applying with another therapist, you will receive $50 off of the exam fee.
You must complete the application purchase page within 24 hours of each other in order to qualify for the discount.

After payment has been submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided. This email will include a receipt for fee payment and a link for direct access to your applicant portal, a secure application area where applicants can prepare their portfolio for submission to the NTNCB.

Once all required information has been entered into each section of the portal, you will submit your completed applicant portfolio to the NTNCB for review.

Note: If you are re-applying, please log in to the portal and click on Re-application under the Certification – Application submenu.