Please enter your hours of education for recertification above.
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You can edit, delete and add requirements during the time that your certification is valid. This form is designed for you to track your hours of education, but it will not be reviewed by the NTNCB until application for recertification is made.

Please read through the following notes carefully before entering your data:

*Name of Educational Activity:
Education hours must have occurred after the certification date up to the recertification date, which must be on or before 5 years from the date of certification; hours spent during the education are the hours counted toward recertification (not CEUs); education that can be counted toward recertification is that for which you have a receipt or certificate.

*Number of Education Hours:
Education hours are calculated by number of hours that education was provided that related specifically to neonatal therapy practice. Example: 60 minute online webinar topic “Oral Feeding Development of the Preterm Infant” = 1 educational hour.

*Describe specific NICU related content:
List topics related to NICU practice including medical/environmental factors of NICU, assessment/intervention, neurobehavioral development, parent/caregiver training, breastfeeding, CLD, NICU follow up post discharge, NAS, etc.

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